7 Deadly Sins #2 GLUTTONY

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Gluttony - Excessive over indulgence in a specific activity, i.e. Masturbation. In the second edition of My 7 deadly Sins clip collection the subject sin is Gluttony. This deadly sin most likely applies to many aspects of your undisciplined, weak willed, over indulgent life. This clip however focuses on your inability to refrain from gluttonous excessive uncontrollable masturbation tendencies. The object of this clip is to find out if you have the will NOT TO Touch that cock of yours that runs your life. I'm going to teach you a lesson about what a glutton for punishment that cock of yours makes you and how weak and helpless you really are when faced with My sweet, sinful, seduction. Now no matter how many times I tell you to touch or stroke your cock don't do it. I'm going to teach you the art of self discipline. Can you do it? or will you give in to my temptation