Mechanical Love


Amber Michaels XXX

German / California
7:23 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 84.26 MB


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Yum is this one tasty and nasty clip Here Amber is strapped down nice and tight to a bondage bench. And a nice dominate man is standing over her making her orgasm with a magic wand over and over. With the huge ball gag in she can't do anything but try to call out in ecstasy. But she sounds damn wild and looks so hot sweating in extreme passion. And her being done hard and deep by a fucking machine is some of the finest hardcore scenes out there. Fucking machine, a vibrator and a hot blonde. How can you go wrong. Amber is still tied down for the grand finale. She is loving being bound and made to cum over and over. And a fucking machine never gives up, so she is getting more orgasms than she can handle