Close up & personal chat with Mistress

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This clip is all the dialog parts from an upcoming video combined into one (upcoming pretty nasty video lol) Main attraction is the vertical aspect ratio - it should take up the entire screen on your phone - so you can have an up and personal conversation with Hayden in your pocket with some DEEP eye contact [kinda embarrassing to admit but I re-watched it like 5 times - it's like I'm having a conversation with Hayden, except wait, I'm Hayden, lol] ofc it also works on a computer Also u could say this is uncut/extended version of the dialog because only part of this gets included in that upcoming video I mentioned. It starts kinda innocent, I remind that as a servant you are required to attend to me - bathe me, spread oil on me "as if I was some Ancient Greek Noblewoman" Then the vibe gets more mesmerize-y I broach the subject of how you actually LOVE attending to me in the bathroom, especially the bathroom part Then I broach the subject that you're required to receive and clean up my ejaculations *as they happen% (no need to waste manhours cleaning afterwards if you can receive directly in your mouth!) to graduate to a new level of servitude. Technically being a servant is nothing that extreme, as I explain you're just a servant attending to me, you have your identity "and all that useless s-h-1-t" as I put it but starting to receive my hot ejaculations will do a number on your mind, you will become one of my human urinals! It's not really any magic unless u want to believe that) I's just that you already enjoyed spreading oil on my naked body and all that but having to clean up my hot ejaculation is that thing to push you over the edge, where from a normal servant of an Ancient Greek Noblewoman, you become a mindless drone, kind of like a piece of furniture in my house :) ---- Actually this goes really well with many clips in my store (maybe because I love the sperm toilet/human urinal theme lol) Like "2 sloppy ejaculations..." clip comes to mind. Actually the ones where you almost can't see my face because a human urinal has tunnel vision (maybe he has blinds like a h0rse?) and 1 thing on his mind - SUCTION! And doing anything Hayden tells him to! Because here's the thing - with real urinals you have to aim to pee (or ejaculate) inside them, a human urinal works so that nothing is spilled and it enjoys every second of it