The Spooky Seductress



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Amidst the dreamiest of dreams, I awaken. Nude except for my knee-high socks, skeleton-print panties, and mask, I pull out my favorite vibrator, a glow-in-the-dark bullet that lights up in time with its vibrations. A storm knocks the power out, so I use my toy to light the way. The electricity comes on, and off, and on, and off and on and off as I gently caress my pussy with this little light-up vibrator. I press the light onto my clit and you watch as my legs shake. By the time the storm is over, I'm ready. As cute as those panties are, I have to take them off. I masturbate with the bullet for some time, giving beautiful views of my pussy and asshole as I fuck myself. I switch to to the doggy position (twice) to continue penetrating myself. I end with a nice, long white vibrator to masturbate with until I can't take it anymore. Satisfied (and slightly spooked), I collapse on the bed. Good reviews get promo codes for 20% off Alsanna's key words: All natural, amateur, amateur BBW, amateurporn, ass shaking, ass spreading, ass smacking, ass grabbing, barefoot, bathtub fetish, small BBW, BBW, BBW hand jobs, BBW bj, BBW tease, beautiful agony, big boobs, big tits, bisexual, blonde, boob bouncing, breast bouncing, butt plug, butts, candid, chubby, chubby blonde, clit orgasm, clitoral orgasm, close-ups, close ups, cock tease, college, college girl, curvy, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, dildos, edge play, eye contact, eye glasses, fair skin, finger nail polish, fingering, foot fetish, feet, gagging, GFE, hair, hair brush spanking, handjobs, home video homemade, ice fetish, jiggling, lace/lingerie, lace, laughing, lipstick, long hair, masturbation, mirror, moaning, moaning fetish, nails, natural tits, nipples, nipple play, non-nude, nudity/naked, orgasms, panties, panty fetish, panty stuffing, pee, photoshoot, painted toes, pillow humping, pillow humping orgasm, pussy spreading, role play, school girl, shaved, shower, shower scenes, softcore, solo, solo masturbation, solo female, spanking, spitting, stretch mark fetish, strip tease, striptease, tight asses, tight pussy, titfuck, titty fucking, toe fetish, toenail fetish, toenail polish, topless, toys, upskirt, voyeur, webcam, white ass, white booty, wide hips, yoga pants