Freebie Tuesday

Little Red and the Big Bad Brother

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Emmas Secret Life

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988 5.0
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LYON18555 - Top reviewer Oct 22 2017
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Well I wanted to throw my hat in the Halloween custom ring and well...fuck. Emma crushed my script and did what she does best, bring fantasies too breath taking life with a few of her own twists. Honestly, second only to her personality (she is awesome to chat with) her ability to take you custom approve fantasy and enhance it puts her to the top list of MV stars. Emma is freak in jaw dropping in the lil red costume and what she has underneath? Completes the class that I was looking for! Also who could forget to add the added effect of a real blowjob and a creamy cum finished? Simply an amazing job by a professional. I may have to do another custom with this costume, maybe as the real little red being taken in the woods by a big bad wold dildo (of course if olddogjim doesn’t beat me to it lol). Emma as ever you are a goddess and thank you for bringing my series to life

Thank you so much Lyons! Little red with a wolf dildo does sound fun!! I am so very glad you enjoyed it! ❤️❤️❤️

Fethry deleted - Top reviewer Oct 23 2017
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Was thinking someone needed to make Little Red Riding hood cosplay video with Emma and was ready to do my part, good to see I wasn't alone in this and LYON beat me to it.
Bought it for the dress without reading the script and quickly realized it was actually one of the better ones I have of Emma. Highly recommended, thanks both :)

Thank you so much! Glad you ended up enjoying it! 😘

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Oct 22 2017
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Mmmmmmmmm this wolf sees some tasty little muffin. :-D
Emma as always is fantastic at this role-playing and looks absolutely delicious. Those lips seem to be made to be wrapped around something, and if you haven't noticed from many of her previous videos she loves cum. Perhaps it's the secret to her fantastic figure and complexion.

As Always Emma accomplishes looking cute "who me", and unbelievably sexy and pretty.

I'm becoming convinced that Emma could come into a room wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt and with one look, say fuck me like you mean it. <3

haha yep cum is the reason for all those things! Can't recommend cum enough lol. Thank you so much Marc! 😘😘

EZE083 - Top reviewer Dec 2 2017
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Thoroughly enjoyed another emma masterpiece....oral creampie and all! ;)

Thanks so much! ❤️

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at or send me a PM) This is part of the brother/sister blackmail fantasy series. This scene starts with Emma showing off her little red riding hood costume to her mom. She talks to her mom about a party her and her big brother are going to. In the middle of talking to her mother, her brother turns on the bullet she has in her pussy. She has to continue the conversation while trying hard not to moan. Her brother enters and after mom leaves the room she confronts him about how long her punishment was gonna last, her has been making her wear a buttplug and a remote bullets that he turns on while she is playing volleyball, talking to her friends, and the worse is when he turns it on while she is talking to her parents. Mother comes back in to take their picture and as soon as she leaves again Emma fishes out her brothers cock and sucks it with her mom just down the hall. Add to the danger her brother makes her strip naked and fuck him right there on the couch! Their mom walks in and almost catches them. Emma demands the risky stuff has to stop. Brother doesn't seem to care he just simply say the last part of your punishment is to suck me and my friends off. Emma draws the line enough is enough! She tells him to tell about her clip store she doesn't care anymore but then he tells her to check her email. She finds a video that can never get out. So her brother has all the control again and is going to enjoy whoring his little sister out