Lil Lolita & The Great Gourd Gape

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300 5.0
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Mauler85 Oct 26
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Perfect. LittleJay, as usual is amazing and brings her A- game. The only way it could be more perfect is if that gourd was me!

Jay is playing pretend as a little Lolita for spooky season. What starts as a strange but sensual tease quickly turns to a Halloween Fuck Jay will never forget. With one goal in mind Jay has found the perfect gourd to stretch out her tiny tight pussy for you. The gourds fist-like shape takes some work to fit all the way in, but Jay's pussy never disappoints. After straining and stretching and wiggling and giggling the gourd finally fits its self into Jay, and she starts pumping faster! Shivers wrack her pretty little body and she cums hard around the knobby pumpkin dick. This creepy cute film wraps up with a pink gaping pussy. Enjoy