Fuck Me Before Work POV

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Kyra Effing Kane

American / Bikini Bottom, USA
1,706 5.0
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GuildMagic - Top reviewer May 13
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Loved this Video!! So Awesome!!! Kyra is just Absolutely Beautiful and Completely Sexy!!! This is Definitely a Must Buy!!!

Smith_T deleted - Top reviewer Jan 18
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God this one really drains me. Its so sexy. Every angle is just a beautiful view. Love it!

dope107 - Top reviewer Oct 24
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Such a great pov video!!! Great dirty talk and amazing boobs! Loved the bouncing up and down as if her wondeful big boobs were in ur face!

You have gotten up and being getting ready for the day, you get back into bed and slowly spread my legs as I lay dreaming. Waking me up with your fingers filling up my pussy. I wake up and cant stop smiling, I can already feel with just a finger or two I tight I am, I can feel myself stretching, you climb on top of me, and slowly press your hard cock inside me, You feel so fucking good stretching out that pussy, I then climb on top of you and let myself sink down on you, bounce up and down, puttin my big tits in your face. I cant wait to cum all over you
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