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There are complaints that your house has had a lot of noise and the police have been called to come and check on it, for some reason though they send one female and shes really hot. So you invite her in for a cuppa and a chat to see what the problem is, but you have other things running through your head at that time. You would love to see her limp and naked even. So after only moments you decide to make this a reality hitting her with a book so she is your limp pet. You slowly strip her down of all her clothing and play with her limp body, exploring every last inch of her, its amazing how sexy and well looked after she is. This wouldn't be so good unless you could get away with it, so you decide to dress her again in her uniform and wait until she wakes up. You let her know you have been really friendly and that she just for no reason. She agrees with that story and leave you, your happy of this and its kept to one little secret only you will ever know about. x