Perverted Mom vs. Internet Idea

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I'm a lonely mother who recently met an online friend. I log into my computer one day to see an IM pop up asking if I had considered something I... hadn't.. quite.. though of... But I am intruiged. My own son? Just a couple of minutes into chatting and I put my plan to action. First, I ask my son for a foot massage without panties on (the only idea I stole from my internet friend... the rest is my unleashed perversion). When he storms off, I call him out. I know exactly what he's going to do. I SAW that hard on through his pants!! But it doesn't end there... I come and sit on his lap when it's time for a movie. He's nervous I'm so close to him, so I flip over and start grinding on him until I declare it's too hot in here and remove my shirt and bra. I just want a little trip down memory lane, darling. Suck on my breast a bit... Whoa! He came all in his pants? It still doesn't end there... I want more... I cum on his bed when hes away and rub my pussy all over his bed pillow... the next day he's complaining others were telling him he smelled of pussy! Well, I don't know anything about that, sweetie! (with a smirk). But I do know that next he finally caves into mommy, letting me deepthroat and suck on his sexy hard cock and then squirt a massive load all over my face, chest and into my mouth! No one will ever have to know, but just make sure you always give into mommy, okay?

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