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Giantess Makes You Tiny Toilet Slave

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Dominatrix, Brat
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I've shrunken you and your best friend. You two will make delicious snacks! I eat up your best friend in front of you, making sure to chomp down hard on his tiny frame. I give you a choice, unlike previous slaves. You can choose to be a midday meal for me, or you can be the toilet for when I fart out tiny slaves! You reluctantly beg to be my toilet bitch. I take you to the latrines and chain your tiny body below my huge toilet seat. I pass gas all over you! How does it feel knowing these farts are tiny slave dust? I will cover you in my giantess lemonade too. You are grateful to be alive. Now open wide little slave, it's time you really learn how to be a good toilet for me!

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