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3,664 5.0
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I just posted a review-please read it. I forgot to add one more thought; the video quality and lighting in this video is just perfect. Great job, Jenny!

schomedome 1 - Top reviewer Oct 30
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Amazing quality video Jenny comes in a cute yellow sports bra to you watching football. You take off ur short and let her give you a long hard blow job. She even lets u fuck her tits and at the end you give her a huge load of cum all over her face

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Holy blowjobs!

This scene caught me off guard!

This is an INCREDIBLE POV BJ and facial scene, and I have never seen Jenny until now. She is overwhelmingly beautiful!

Very pretty face, tight and toned body, and pretty intense and gorgeous eyes. Her make-up is very well done as well.

I love the premise of her wanting attention from her man who is watching football on TV. She walks in and tells him that she wants him to keep watching the game, while she goes down on him. That is a man-cave fantasy!

And she is so stunning. She kneels down, and starts sucking him off. Looking up into the camera lens in POV. So hot. At some point her amazing big fake tits come into view, and wow! They are just amazing!

The BJ is wonderful. I will skip to the end here....

She asks for the shooter to cum on her face. She says something like "I will let you cum on my face, but only if you have a huge load for me"! He is overwhelmed by the pleasure she is giving him, yet he is so chivalrous, that he points out "I might ruin your make-up".

She replies "Go ahead, I dare you".

Whaaaa!! That is super fucking hot!

The finish is with her on her knees and him standing up. She jerks his cock directly above her face in a nice POV.

I sometimes dislike when the female talent jerks off the guy, because the ejaculations go awry. Sometimes the shots miss the girls' faces, and sometimes the shooter just peters out because the girl does not know the rhythym that he likes.

Well, this dude plasters her face, even when she is the one in charge of the aim and pace. It is glorious! As you can all see in the screengrab, it is a five star facial!

This video got my cock rock hard immediately, and it is now in rotation!

Buy this now. You will not regret it, and Jenny will be one of your faves right away!

This is by far the best facial I've done up to date. He is watching football and I come back horny from gym. I let him keep watching but I give him the best blowjob of his life. I deep throat, I like it like it's ice-cream including his balls and then he gives me a huge thick facial. This is the best quality that it feels like I'm giving you a bj. PS I forgot to mention there is a decent amount of titty fucking. Key words: dallas cowboys jersey, blue eyes, sports bra, gym, training, tv, biggest facial, lots of cum, sperm, blonde, hot blonde, ponytail, nike, makeup, make up, sunday night football, monday night football
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