28th Birthday Bashes HD



British / London
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Most birthdays, most people get birthday bumps or birthday thumps on the arm!! But not me, oh no!! That is fair to ordinary for a bad girl like me!! I go that one step further and love a good birthday spanking!! My pussy gets so wet and excited when my big booty is spanked, it drives me wild. Enjoy lots of hot ass spanking with my paddle. after 28 hard spanks my ass is tender and needs soothing, lots of oil on my booty and sensual play and rubbing on my oily booty. For an extra birthday treat I see how horny you are getting and I give you a nice BJ along with some hot nipple play and hard pulling with slaps for that extra ouch!! Ending with some hard spanks on my horny, swollen clit and then some filthy and very creamy finger fucking
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