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Sugar Baby Diaries with Braylin Bailey

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Sugar Daddy is coming over to see me and is bringing me a surprise, I can almost guess its something for me to play with. Sugar Daddy loves looking deep into my blue eyes while I pleasure myself. It arouses him and that turns me on, it turns me on so much that I cum when I play with myself making me thirsty for his cock. I want to suck him until he's hard and then jack on his cock swapping from my hands to my warm mouth. Sugar Daddy is in for a treat, as soon as he gets deep in my mouth and looks deep into these blue eyes he's going to release that hot load of cum. I love watching Sugar Daddy's face when he gives me that cum than just keeps pouring out of his cock. ***Contains the following erotic elements: BLOWJOB - CUMSHOT - POV - OLDER MAN YOUNGER WOMAN - VIBRATOR - SOLO MASTURBATION - BLONDE *** Starring: Braylin Bailey

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