Custom* Pantyhose Worship


Nikki Lane

American / the Interwebz
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Custom Request: You're dressed up etc, heels the whole (she-bang bang!) kidding! Anyway, you're preoccupied, phone or magazine and you notice that I keep taking glimpses of your legs, you seem irritated and after a while you confront me/camera whatever- incidentally - the hem line of your pantyhose line is visible, so you adjust, now back to the confrontation, "Don't think, I don't notice you, sneaking looks at me! My legs- uhh- and tryin to look down my shirt or blouse, lookin at my cleavage! You're disgusting! Every time I wear a skirt or something with a little bit of cleavage! Don't try to ignore me now perv! You're so pathetic, what-are you scared of me now!!! When you were with your friends, you were all talk!" Ok after you slip off you shoe, now in a slightly softer tone, you say " commere! I said Come over here, I said, rub my foot, you know you wan too! You say teasingly! And then you remove the other shoe and raise both of your feet as you lay back and relax, you Tell me to message them. You ask "so you like my legs and how bout my thighs" and you raise your skirt so I can see your thighs now, you stand up and remove your skirt, all the while still talking, I bet you really like my ass don't you and my toes? Do you like my toe nail polish? You're a little perv aren't you? Aww- did I hurt your feelings now? He's so sensitive" in a mock baby voice. Then you ask ..directly "I bet you wanna see my tits, don't you? My big tits, my luscious boobs, I bet you wanna hug me and feel me against you don't you, touch em? At this point you're just teasing, so slowly you undo your blouse and it slides off and you stop and glance up at me and say " you sure you can handle it, can you handle seeing my big tits? As you're undoing your bra clasps and now you're topless withs your hands hiding your breasts, you say again "are you sure??? Are you about to explode in your pants??? You'd better not, or I'd be super pissed!" Finally you show me breasts, then you jokingly tease "this is a good day for you isn't it? Sorta like Christmas!" Then you say finally "soooo- you wanna kiss em......?" And then you sit back down and spread your legs, I have some place else I want you to kiss