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518 5.0
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Jude Ryan - Top reviewer Oct 1
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Looooooove the up close views!

Sally rubs bounces shakes her titties and sprays milk and rubs nipples HD 1080p 60fps --- HD 1080p 60fps Video - Do you wanna spend 4 minutes worshiping a huge and magnificent pair of tits with giant delectable nipples? Of course you do and that's why you want this video. It begins with an extreme close up frontal view of me in my gray nursing tank. My huge nipples visibly straining against the fabric as squeeze and bounce my 40 K tits. Soon I reveal my breasts with my nipples popping forth from confines of my shirt. I begin to jiggle and drop my giant bouncy tits over and over pausing to play with my nipples. I spray multiple jets of milk at the camera before bouncing and swinging my tits at the camera again. Then I lean close to the camera and provide a close up of me slowly milking my nipples spraying milk and letting it drip over my fingers. I begin to flick my nipples and then alternate flicking and milking with extreme closeups. So join me for 4 minutes in milky nipple and titty heaven. keywords: close up dripping milk front view huge boobs nipple pop spraying milk solo squirting milk titty drop