My sexy curves as I dance sensually


Betty Busty Ebony

French / breastsville
5:39 min - Oct 22 - .M4V - 158.22 MB - 960x540


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Hi! First of all SORRY that I let you here checking every few day if you'll see my 13th clip... Here it is! Sorry, apart of being a MV girl I have a busy daily life but I really love to be here and show my body to all of you who are in demand for a black girl with assets as I have ... Large natural breasts and juicy round butt. My ass as you may see here in this clip and imagine how good would it be to penetrate me from behind as you grab my large breasts and massage them. Hummm I feel so horny writing this. In this clip basically you'll see me dancing very sensually and express all my body with sexy attitudes. Hope you enjoy and get a hard one as imagining so many naughty things you would do to me as I am offering you one hour of my time and my entire body for you to play with... Hummmmm what preliminaries? I am sure you would spend a lot of time with my big chocolate tits and you would also love to insert your hard cock in my sensual mouth