Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Chichi's Water Rescue & Resuscitation


Star Nine

American / California
11:06 min - Oct 22 - .MP4 - 829.05 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Chichi Medina walks outside to inspect the pool of the house she is listing. Suddenly she clutches her chest and topples over face first in to the pool. She floats face down, mouth and eyes open. Star Nine rushes out of the house, having heard the splash. Her face contorts in terrified concern as she rushes into the pool to help the limp realtor. She swims Chichi to the shallow end & performs mouth to mouth with no success. She drags the limp realtor out of the pool and positions her on the pool deck, nose pinched, head tilted back, as she performers CPR. After several rounds of breaths & compressions, Chichi is now stripped from her wet clothes but still not breathing! Star rushes to set up the defib unit. Chichi's pelvis thrusts up in the air with each shock, but still no breath. Star desperately continues to perfrom CPR with mouth to mouth, chest compressions, and defibrillation until Chichi finally coughs up water and resumes breathing. Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com Includes CPR, med resus, underwater, limp fetish, wet look