Freebie Tuesday

Sniff Dr1nk Stroke Send

13:08 min - Oct 22 - .M4V - 433.74 MB


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I want you SO fucked up. So.. I decided we wouldn't use just p o p p e r s or just alc0h0l. I figured we would use both and have you stroke that cock, so you'll be in a crazy haze. I want you almost passing out by the time this clip is over. Look how fucking sexy I look. Sniff for me. Take a shot for me. Stroke for me. Send for me. You're going to be in total ecstasy for the next 15 minutes. You'll moan so loud. You won't be able to control your actions. It will just be sniff dr1nk stroke send, over and over again. Make sure you have a bottle of p o p p e r s a bottle of l1qu0r and be3r and you're ready for whats about to happen. I'm not going to take it easy on you. You'll be wasted You'll be mine. Let's play