Cassie use her body to get what she want


High Heels Sluts

Hungarian / Budapest
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when a customer is complaining about Airco in his bedroom, Cassie is coming to fix the problem! Unfortunetely, the customer is one of the guy who is giving "stars" to Hotel about the quality of service! As Cassie is a young hotel manager very smart and cleaver, she's going to understand that there was a possibility to make the guy more cool and specially if the guy was sensitive to her charms. So, after trying normaly to negociate with the customer his compassion, she is going to use her body and charm to get his total agreement and get 5 stars sttribution to her hotel! High heels, vintage garter belt with 8 straps from "agent provocateur" and black stockings under a very classical secretary uniform couldn't be better to make the guy "crazy" of her! after showhing him her boobs, and take off her skirt to show her lingerie, Cassie will suck him! he will bring her to the bed, and will lick her pussy! he will fingering her so much that you can see in close up how wet in Cassie's pussy! her asshole was just an invitation to be fuck, wet with her pussy juice! you can imagine that the guy couldn't miss to cum in her mouth and face. and it's with all his cum that Cassie will come back to her office