Pretty Little Penny



British / essex
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Custom Vid You play my sister-in-law Penny, you look so much like her, she is gorgeous too! I walk into my bedroom and find you kneeling on the bed in a tiny negligee looking really hot. You say hey John, I bet you didn't expect to find me, your sister in law Penny here on your bed did you? But I know my sister Alice is away with work for a few days, my husband Pete is on another boring bird spotting trip, and I know you've always fancied me and I've always fancied you, so let's cut to the chase and get fucking while we have the chance! You touch yourself all over, you are so turned on, like you're on heat, you strip naked. "How does my body compare to my sister Alice's"? you say. "I know she's bigger than me, and curvier, but they say the best things cum in small packages, and they don't call me pretty little Penny for nothing". You drop to your knees in front of me and get my cock out, use a dildo POV style. Rub it over your face, lick it and kiss it, you say "oh God John I've wanted you for so long, and I know you've always wanted me, do you think I'm pretty, am I really pretty little Penny"? You suck my cock hungrily, it is soo good, you're the best cocksucker. I tell you that Alice is a great cocksucker, but you are better! You take me between your tits and give me a tit wank. I tell you that Alice has never let me fuck her arse. You giggle and say "Alice has got a big arse, I bet it would be great to fuck, what a shame! I've always wanted to try anal, but Pete would never do it, so I guess now is our chance John"! You bend over, reach back and pull your bum cheeks apart, "I'm all yours John, pretty little Penny's bum is all yours, fuck it as hard as you can"! So I fuck your perfect arse, it is incredible, you push back onto me, talking so dirty. "Oh John I feel like such a whore talking it in my bum, I feel like a porn star, do you like the idea of your sister in law Penny being a porn star John"? Then I flip you over and look at you laying there on the bed with your legs spread wide, you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. You rub your pussy, begging me to fuck you. "Come on John, come and fuck my brains out, fuck your sister in law pretty little Penny". The rest of the video I'll leave to you to improvise, I trust you to be the dirtiest girl imaginable. We fuck like crazy, you ride me, talking dirtier and dirtier about my wife, your sister Alice. How dirty can you go, do you wish Alice was there too so you could lick her pussy while I fucked you, and you could give me a double blow-job together, you could make her take me in her big ass for the first time. We finish with you begging me to cum all over your pretty face after I tell you that Alice won't let me do that. Use your name "Penny" all the time, that is the biggest turn on for me, and you say we must do this again soon