Biting a man´s arm and ten fingers hard



Spanish / Spain
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Pay attention to this amazing cannibal demonstration of how hard my mouth and teeth are able to bite. My teeth are ready to bite even the hardest meat and flesh, tendons and muscles. Here I have a lucky volunteer who wished to experience at first "arm" my powerful and strong bite, but he didn`t know it would be that painful, you can even hear him groaning a few times. Enjoy a clear close-up angle of my insatiable wide open mouth biting a man´s arm. I am merciless with it and bite all along the forearm so many times, long and slow bites that even leave my teeth red mark on his skin! My mouth is pure sadism, it seems to be terribly hungry. Then, I keep up biting his 10 fingers, one after another one. I open my mouth wide and leave my tongue back, then I take every finger into my mouth, some of them touch my wet tongue with their tip, and finally I bite them as if they were hard worms. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you would "give an arm" to be him. HIGHLIGHTED: that illustrative shot where you can see my teeth red marks on his forearm. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW