Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

I caught you staring at my cleavage



Spanish / Spain
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I am putting some lipstick on, ready to come out tonight. I am wearing a tight sexy shirt that shows my amazing cleavage. And suddenly I catch you staring at it, your eyes full of light and desire. How do you dare, looser? You should pay for looking at this masterpiece of nature. Do you like it? do you? My cleavage is deep and tempting, it hides a perfect pair of boobs you would eat for hours. Get on your knees, bastard, that is at least what you should do in front of me. You feel pathetic and weak right now, because that is what you are indeed. What is that in your pants? Is that your cell phone or are you glad to see me? I know the answer and I will take advantage of it. I will forgive your insolence only if you take your dick out and jerk off for me like a macho man. Come on, you are willing to do it. My cleavage has made you very hard and now there is no turning back. Pay the consequences for being so bold. Ups! What a naughty shirt... a button has been unbottoned itself. My cleavage is now even more irresistible. Will some other buttons do the same? You will have to wank exactly as I tell you. Grab your cock as if your hand was mine. That would be a wonderful dream. Ups... another rebellious button is gone. And then another one. Perhaps it is time to take my shirt off and make you terribly horny with my tits released. What a pair! Hold on, , don´t cum yet. Wank faster, till you reach your limits. I want to see you suffer like a slave. I have a countdown ready just for real men. But I guess you are not one of them, are you? YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: You jerked off many days ago... the suffering will be terrible. HIGHLIGHTED: My sexy bra... it is a shame it doesn`t last longer. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW