Freebie Tuesday

Head Stuck in Jack O Lantern Pumpkin

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A hot blonde is standing in her kitchen and she walks over to where she has a carved pumpkin Jack O Lantern for Halloween. She thinks Halloween is stupid and says so as she picks the huge pumpkin up. As she is walking forward she stumbles and falls to the ground. When she stands back up it is seen that her head has gotten stuck in the bottom of the pumpkin. Now she is wearing it almost like a helmet. She tries to pry the pumpkin off but she is stuck good. She stumbles around and spins the part of the Jack O Lantern with the eyes and mouth are towards her face so she can at least see out. She then gets back to the struggling. She tries everything she can think of to get out of her stuck position. She puts her head down and pushes, pulls with all her might, and shakes back and forth furiously. All efforts fail and she soon becomes tired. She soon falls to the ground with the pumpkin still stuck on her head. On the ground she writhes all around trying to get free. It almost seem like the more she struggles, the more stuck she gets. Finally she accepts the fact that she is not going to get unstuck. So, she tries to make the best of her stuck circumstances and states that at least she has her Halloween costume now. Included in this clip: Stuck, Halloween, Pumpkin , Food, Stuck in Food, Stuck in Pumpkin, Jeans Fetish, Struggling, Kitchen Scene, Blondes