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108 5.0
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ElleAtTheEssex - Top reviewer Nov 12
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This was a really intriguing clip. I am interested in how these women were found, what there stories are going to be, where the 3 years took them. I like the idea of a amateur porn documentary :)

For 3 years filmmaker Jae-Wan has been working on an art of genius, documenting the life of 4 women in today's underground society, observing the lifestyles of sexual freedom. With this being his 4th documentary in the film industry Jae stepped outside of the boundaries and has made a film that is unlike his usual work. We had to ask! What inspired you to start this project? “I met Luna Leve as a young 21 year old actress in Silver Lake, CA where she was struggling to eat had been and had been in a couple youtube movies. I found her very unique and full of ambition so I decided to turn the cameras on.” Later on Jae was introduced to Kendra Cole who moved to Downtown Los Angeles from Wisconsin following her dreams to become a porn star. As the camera rolls and they journey continues we see a tremendous amount of passion and sexual freedom like you have never seen before. Funded, shot, and edited by Jae-Wan, This Documentary is set to be Released in December on Amazon Prime. If you are a sponsor or would like to learn more about this project, email management at