Handicap Karma 4 Hottie Needs Crutches

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A blonde hottie in a short skirt is looking over at a pair of crutches. She talks about never needing to use them and how perfect her life is and how perfect she is. She starts to tease those who are handicap and as she does her legs start to give out on her. She falls on the ground and one of her clear high heels falls off. Karma has bitten her and she is now struck with weak legs. She has become handicap just like the ones she was making fun of. Now she realizes she is going to need the crutches to walk so she drags her body over to them. She struggles to get up and then uses the crutches to start to get around. As she crutches around that great crutch click sound is heard. She then crutches over to another pair of high heel s she has so she can change into them. She takes them over to the couch and puts them on and then starts to crutch around again. She then spots you. She tells you what happened, but now thinks being handicap is going to be alright. After all, you think handicap girls are sexy and so do so many other guys. She then crutches around for you a bit and as she crutches away from you with her legs dragging her skirt rides up her pump ass showing it off a bit. After some more crutching she sits on the couch and takes her high heels off to show off her now crippled feet to you. She is wearing toe rings and anklets and knows you think she is sexy like this. She knows Karma got the best of her, but at least she can make the most of it by being a sexy handicap girl who is also good on crutches. Included in this clip: Crutches, Handicap High Heels, Foot Fetish, Toe Rings, Anklet, Skirt, Tight Ass, Plump Ass, Self Dragging, Foot Fetish, Blondes