4K Riding A Monster Dick

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1,712 5.0
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weaverbIrd5 - Top reviewer Feb 13
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Heather plays with her new fog machine and monster toy, creating an atmospheric and sexy vibe as the plays with herself, letting fog roll over her incredible body, before sucking a fucking her monster toy until she cums all over it - while Halloween themed it's definitely good ALL year long!

JDDANGER Oct 29 2017
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Heather got a smoke machine and it did what I thought was impossible, the smoke machine made Heather sexier! I love this video and I want the world to know it! Heather make up is beautiful as always! She is cute as a button in her Halloween onsie and her innocent exploration of how the smoke feels on her body as it surrounds her is somehow both sensual and adorable! PLUS, if that is not enough for you she fucks a purple monster's cock! Get this video now or you will regret it!

BornLoser Oct 26 2017
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GD Heather is sexy af <3 Yummy Yummy Yummy Great video

4K][60fps] Guess what! I got a FOG MACHINE!!! Halloween is my all time favorite holiday! (in case you couldn't tell lol) I love everything about it :D Dressing up, candy, decorations, scary movies. So when I saw this awesome fog machine at the store I knew I had to have it because I wanted to make a video with it :D So that's exactly what I did. This video is me trying it out and playing with it. I also play with a bad dragon dildo who I call Monster Dick ;) He's a good monster though. He's nice and big and feels so good inside me ;) This video is mostly me playing around and enjoying myself. I hope you enjoy it too ;) This video includes: Halloween theme, onesie, fog, bad dragon dildo, big dildo, riding, sucking, dirty talking, and an amazing orgasm