Get saved. BLASPHEMY Crucifix

629 5.0

Eliza Bathory

American / Vegas
629 5.0
13:26 min - Oct 23 - .MP4 - 1.98 GB - 1440x1080 HD


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SugarSlut666 Nov 22 2017
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A truly blasphemous experience. Bible burning and cross fucking. 666/10.

Infernallymarked deleted Feb 24
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Like christ to the crucifix, EB nailed it. Not only does she look sexy as fuck, but her words and deeds of beautiful blasphemy brought me over the edge.
Hail Satan!! Hail Blasphemy!! Hail Eliza Bathory!!

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Loved the page burning of that fucking book and the crucifix masturbation. The inverted cross image on the forehead added to the sacrilege. Hope to see even more blasphemous videos uploaded by this model in the future. Lead us into Hell!

Onyx Wolf
Onyx Wolf deleted - Top reviewer Jan 22
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Ok, this amazing 13 minute and 26 second long video is an intense & steamy solo vid of Eliza teasing the lucky viewer with a gold cross. The vid kicks off with her tearing & burning the pages of a bible. She dirty talks the lucky viewer & the action transitions to her teasing herself with a large gold cross. Holy fuck this video is sexy! She strips down, shoots a few sexy glances at the camera and begins to slide the length of the cross in and out. The camera is well placed, her outfit is sexy, I love her voice, and the background is great (the lighting is well done and the background doesn’t distract from the hot action). I would honestly rate this a 5/5 stars

2017 Welcome to the Church of Bathory. Let me tell you how to get saved from religion and have some fun along the way. Bible burning, crucifix fucking and lots of blasphemous dirty talk