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Dominatrix, Brat
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You have been newly hired at my company. You've noticed a few strange things. You seem to be one of only 3 men in this department. All of your female coworkers greet you with a smile and a knowing giggle as you enter my office. As your new boss, it's my job to inform you of my company's culture. This is a company for women, run by women. You'll fit in just fine! Just when you relax and start looking around, I pants you. You can't hide your erection. You pull your pants back up, only for me to rip them back to the ground. Every day, a new woman in this office will pants you and make you jerk off on the office floor. You must show us how horny and grateful you are if you want to keep your job. Welcome to the company, slut!

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does the pov character cum