Chubby Girl Loves Cake


Poppy Tart Fetish

American / New England
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I begin on all fours, wearing nothing but a thong. In front of me sits a delicious chocolate truffle bomb cake and a jug of chocolate milk. I start eating cake, and instantly become so voracious…it’s so creamy and delicious I can’t help myself! I stuff huge bites into my my mouth, getting frosting all over my face and hands. I sit up and begin shoving handfuls of cake into my mouth. I can’t stop! I’m so hungry and this cake is driving me wild. I stop now and then to take big gulps of chocolate milk, letting it run down my chin and body with every chug. When I’m done, there’s hardly any cake left. I pat and rub my full belly with my chocolate covered hands, and take one last messy swig of milk! tags: feedee, feeder, gainer, gaining weight, eating, facestuffing, over eating, food stuffing, bbw, chubby, fat, plumper, blonde, big tits, big boobs, belly fetish, fat fetish