The Siren's Song



American / Neverland
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All Hallows' Eve has arrived, the night of darkness and spirits and enchanting beasts. The veil has grown thin, the boundary that separates the world of magic and the world of humans. Tonight, all sorts of creatures can pass through, causing mischief as they frolic amongst Man beneath the light of the full moon. I couldn't resist the urge to see this world of humans for myself. And how delighted I was to stumble upon you, walking along the stretch of beach with ocean waves lapping at your feet. You looked so startled - you never expected to stumble upon a beautiful woman, clad in silver moonlight and little else. You've never seen a Siren before. Yet the moment I open My lips, you fall under My spell. My voice weaves through your mind, pulling you under. You are enchanted with My stormy-sea eyes, My wild tempest heart, the sensual power of My beautiful body. You swoon beneath the magic of My siren song, dazed and growing weaker with every passing moment. I am going to keep you, mortal. You shall be My pet. You will leave this mortal life behind, and devote yourself to Me entirely. Dedicated, helpless, and enthralled forever