I'll Allow You To Join Me iN Paradise

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YOU ARE FUCKING LUCKY THAT I AM EVEN ALLOWING YOU TO WATCH ME & JOIN ME iN PARADiSE! Now... You have arrived at The Gates Of My Kingdom... I know AND You know, that... You Want Me. You Crave Me.. YOU NEED ME!!! ... Be fucking grateful I am even allowing you anywhere near Me and My Kingdom.... How lucky are you to even be given this chance??!!! ...Now buy, watch, enjoy, tribute, contact and repeat!!!! Show me you are even capable of being anywhere near Me And You Love Watching My Videos! You See AND You Feel how good I make your mind, body, life and future!!! And that's JUST [mainly] because of a simple video, of me, so a special video because it's me but not c2c, not even made "just for you/custom for you" ... SO THiNK = iF I MAKE YOU FEEL THiS NERVOUSLY HAPPY, EXCiTED AND GOOD ViA ViDEOS = iMAGiNE YOU ACTUALLY SPOiLiNG ME SO FUCKING HARD AND SO FUCKING GOOD, iMAGiNE HOW FABULOUS YOU WiLL [SOON] THEN FEEL = iF YOU GET "GOOD" FROM JUST THESE VIDEOS, *TRY* TO IMAGINE ONE ON ONES WiTH ME, MY SOLE AND UNDIVIDED TIME, ATTENTION, ETC! . iF YOU DiD NOT YET KNOW ----> The More You Spoil & Please Me = The More I Will "Spoil" & Please You!!!!!!! And Remember, BE USEFUL! ...YOU CAN BE REPLACED... Because I Do Not Chase Them... I Simply... Replace Them ;) ...I do NOT "Need" YOU...Or "Your" Money... So show me you are even worthy, capable, something, somehow, Right NOW! ...JUST FUCKING KNOCK OFF THE HESITANCY, SCARED/NERVOUSNESS, SHY AND/OR CHEAP TENDENCIES!!! ... REALLY!!! ...JUST STOP, STOPPING YOURSELF!!! ***** YOU HAVE TO TAKE BIG RISKS, TO GET BIG ACHIEVEMENTS!!!!!!! ***** hehe that's My Good Little Fuck