You are obsessed with my legs


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
14:16 min - Oct 23 - .MP4 - 557.94 MB


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10 Minute and 23 Second MP4 clip. (Not wearing panties in this clip so theres a few sneaks of my crotch unexpectedly so DOES contain nudity!) WITH BONUS 4 MINUTE FLEXING MY LEGS OUTSIDE CLIP (No talking! Will NOT be released seperately!!!) Im offering it as basically a free bonus/thank you to all my buyers! The quality of the bonus vid is a little lower then my usual vids but I know my true leg fans will still enjoy it! So total of 14 minutes and 25 Second clip of ALL MY BARE LEGS for just $11.99!!! CLIP INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING FETISHES: -TEASING YOU WITH MY BARE LEGS LEGS AND CALF MUSCLES -TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LOVE MY LEGS/CALVES -FLEXING MY LEGS TO SHOW OFF MY CALF MUSCLES -CALVES -CALF MUSCLE FETISH -BARE LEGS -MUSCULAR WOMEN -MUSCLE WORSHIP -FLEXING -BAREFOOT -SOLES -HIGHLY ARCHED FEET Black haired and pale Deanna in a short black dress is sitting on her couch with her legs off the couch, She says..."You want to see my legs dont you? as she RUBS them from the ground. "My shapely MUSCULAR CALVES" As she says that she pulls up her leg and FLEXES it showing off her CALF MUSCLE. "My curvy, strong CALVES. You love when I FLEX my legs dont you? When I flex my feet and it shows off my calf muscle?" She says as she POINTS her toe back and forth. She moves her position to have her TOE POINTING on the table (a closer view to the camera) as she RUBS her calf and continues to tease you with her muscles. "You just cannot get ENOUGH of my legs and these calf muscles" She says as she moves her leg to show off the BACK of her calf to the camera more. She moves back onto sitting on the couch and points her toe on the table again for a different angle showing off her CALVES "I bet you'd like to JACK OFF all over them. To have your BIG HARD COCK rub all over my calves. " She points her TOE into the air so her CALVES are also in the air and then moves into a position where both of her CALVES/back of her legs are facing the camera and stretched out (laying on the couch) "You'd like to OIL them up and massage them hmm? and have your way with my LEGS? having them all to yourself! Can you even imagine touching these MUSCULAR CALVES? You go so WEAK everytime you see a video of them, dont you? Every single time I flex my feet to show how STRONG these calf muscles are" She says playfully as she continues to point her toes and rub her legs and calves with her hand. "Everyone stops and stares at these legs. They put men like you into a daze. Your so obsessed with them arnt you? Obsessed with these MUSCULAR, CURVY legs." She turns with her butt toward the camera and points out her left leg so her CALF faces the camera in a different position then before. "I bet you want to MASSAGE my legs. To touch them more then anything. To rub them. To put oil all over them. You'd love for them to be all yours" She moves back to the position with her TOE POINTING on the table so her leg is fairly close to the camera. She then stands ON THE COUCH so you get a full BACK VIEW of her legs and calves as she rubs them and shows them off for you. She slowly TEASES you with her LEGS and CALVES in a bunch of different positions. "How often do you jack off thinking about these CALF MUSCLES? You cant help yourself can you? You just get so weak when you look at my legs...." She says with her LEGS in the air as shes rubbing her calves. "My legs own you. My calves have so much power over you. How would you like to be in between my legs? A little SCISSORHOLD? Have you ever dreamt of that? Being in between these strong legs..." "I bet you'd love to cum all over my legs...Allllll over my calves." "Are you STROKING YOUR COCK while watching me FLEX my CALF MUSCLES?" "You could just watch me all day couldnt you? Watch me allll day flexing my calf muscles.&quot