JOI or CBT the cards decide - full clip


Ava Black

British / UK
12:44 min - Oct 30 - .WMV - 284.56 MB


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Includes - CBT - JOI - JOI games - Verbal Humiliation - Cock tease - Challenges - Card games - Tease and denial - slave training - high protocol Femdom - Interracial Domination - Female supremacy - cum countdown - cum control - cum denial - orgasm control THIS CLIP INCLUDES PART 1 AND 2 WITHOUT A BREAK. Let's play a game slave. You like games don't you? We know you do. This game will be super-easy. Even you can do it at home with nothing but your cock and a keen ear. You got those don't you? Good. Here are the rules - in this game you are going to have a 50/50 chance of making your cock feel good. Or feel bad. We'll guide you through it After we shuffle the cards we will pull one out at random. Any set with Black - Aces or Spades - means you can jerk off. We'll tell you how long for and with what intensity. The sets with Red - Hearts or Diamonds - are ouchie sets! They will leave your cock and balls hot and red! Again we'll tell you how to do it. Ready!?!? Let's go. You will have 5 sets in which you will put yourself through intense pleasure and pain at our hands. We love to see you squirm and suffer for us. Such sweet pleasure mixed up with intense pain! It makes our evil eyes glint with excitement! Are you still feeling lucky buddy? Or is that tingling in your balls the heady mix of fear and excitement that pleasing your Mistresses brings