Catgirl Ass Tease and Leggings Shredding


Misha Mystique

American / your Dreams
12:58 min - Oct 23 - .MP4 - 175.25 MB


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This catgirl is feeling playful and destructive. She wants to tease you with her long legs and perfect round ass while she shreds these black denim-look leggings. The fabric is thicker than the pantyhose she usually destroys but she is determined. She works her long pointed nails into the stretchy fabric and makes it give way under her claws. She strategically rips holes in her leggings, revealing her porcelain skin beneath inch by inch. Enjoy views of her shapely ass and legs as she poses and teases you with the occasional mischievous giggle. Shot in 1080 with clean sound. *** [ includes elements of: ass fetish, clothes destruction, fetish clothing, leggings, ass tease, long legs, high heels, cat girl, costumes