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Ur wife transform to SuperVillain



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Part 1. the loving wife: - I am come in, coughing, i am very sick, allmost dying from cancer? - I am come and "hug" you, and "kiss" you -Telling how i dont want o die but i feel that its my last few days! I will miss you my dear husband! - I talk about how i scared .. andi am super grateful when i hear tjat you are working on something to save me! Part 2. the transformation: - as like a next day kind of thing, i come in and find "you" with a formula to save me. - whilst very weak, i am so surprised you actually made it, and drnk it in one - immediately after drnking it i stagger over to my bed and "go to slep" - when i wake up my hair has changed, clothes is changed and i notice how i no longer need to wear glasses, how i am feeling great and that cancer is stoped! - I comment about how amazing this is and thank you with a kiss and hug - as i am hugging you theres a "snap" sound as i break a couple of your ribs - i am shocked, and almost scared at my strength.. but almost immediately i grin wickedly and wonder what else i can do - i changed my hair style and clothes just in 1 econd and transform frommirrow to sofa very fast! - at this i simply look at you weirdly, and tell that i'll be home at some point soon and walk off screen Part 3. the return: - I appear in front of you suddenly and i am super kind and thankful. - I come close instantly and begin kissing you (breaking your teeth in the process) - when i pull out of the kiss, i am not laughing or acting evil - instead i act like a superior being, doing what she wants, because she can. - Istate as much (calmly, almost without emotion) when i say i've been flying round the world experimenting with my new powers.. and that i am going to slaughter almost everyone - I thank you one last time .. before ki lling you.. slowly.. with your heat vision