Gaping Asshole Extreme Close Up

6,533 5.0


Japanese / @littlesubgirlm
6,533 5.0
10:50 min - Oct 23 - .MP4 - 1.17 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Alpha21 Apr 22

Amazing Could You make more gape videos?

mrrcheekss Oct 24 2017
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Incredible video! Can you make more like this? 6 stars! Love the hollow gaping sounds especially!

OniOpa - Top reviewer Nov 2
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Ugh, I love her close-up videos. As if Tia's charming smile and impeccable body weren't deadly enough of a combination, her holes are both jaw-dropping and definitely worthy of watching close-ups in 1080. (now we just need a 4k version!) Her naughty smiles while dual gaping only make it so much more attractive. She's definitely looking out for the audience by zooming in more and more, squeezing and contracting her muscles so we can see everything. It's hard to describe how insanely attractive this video is.

deezuz - Top reviewer Oct 28
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Outstanding video! Littlesubgirl eagerly gapes both holes for everyone to see and hear. Wait until you see how wide she opens up that pretty little butthole of hers, my goodness!

Excellent video quality and extreme close-ups let you enjoy every detail!

Alpha21 Aug 5
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Amazing Video a Must Watch for gape lovers!

What an ass!! She has such an incredible ass and tight pussy and she loves having them gaped open. She can gape them both pussy and ass in the same time! She has huge ass gapes and pussy gapes! She fingers her pussy while it gaping wide open! Then she gapes her ass and finger fucks her ass while its open wide! She can make gaping sounds with the best of them! Just listen to those hollow type sounds. It's instant wood, wow! Gotta check it out! She LOVES having her asshole gape open! Includes: Asian, Japanese, Chinese, young, petite, tight asses, teens, long hair, doggy style, ass, asshole, ass spreading, ass stretching, pussy spreading, pussy stretching, extreme close up, close ups, pussy gaping, gape, anal gaping, finger fucking, [DSLR Camera], [1080px