The Ab.duction & Destruction of Sinn Sag

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350 2.0
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The video is messed up and only play audio

The video plays fine for me, so obviously there was an issue with the download! That is easily fixed without leaving me a negative review. Just email me at and I can re-send the video to you with a direct download link.

Notice: This is an extreme BDSM fantasy scene which includes themes of; non-consent, throat squeezing, bondage, weapons and physical harm. All models are consenting adults who participated willingly and eagerly in this scene. When you watch this video you consent to seeing these topic.** A predator is on the hunt for soft fuck meat when bimbo Sinn Sage stumbles into view... she's easily taken. With a cloro-gag over her mouth she is brought to the ground and dragged into a black van by the snickering villainess, Kyaa. When she wakes she finds herself in chains, imprisoned in a small cage in a dark room. Though she cries, screams, whimpers and wails - no one can hear her scream. Subjected to threats, degradation and cruelty by her captor before she's even pulled out of the cage, this little piece can only beg for her life! But there's no mercy... she protests helplessly as she's fucked against her will, crying as her mouth and pussy are filled with hard cock. But her sadistic captor doesn't want to listen to her pitiful noises anymore and orders the bitch to shut up. Wrapping a leather belt around her neck to keep her quiet, evil Kyaa takes pleasure in making her new toy suffer. Pulling harder and harder on the leather belt, Kyaa slowly fucks the life out her prey. Finally she cums, dropping her fuck meat to the ground. Sinn is gone, her body is limp, sticky and bruised. Kyaa laughs and spits on the body when she realizes that she's broken her toy. Perhaps she should have kept her fucking whore mouth shut when told. Contains: taboo, non consent, throat squeezing, bondage, weapons, physical punishment, punishment, abduction, domination, BDSM, chains, cuffs, cage, strap on, lesbian domination, lezdom, humiliation, dehumanization, limp bodies, fucking, mouth fuck, throat fuck, breath play, fantasy, role play, face slapping, Sinn Sage, Goddess Kyaa