Loser for Legs



American / Portland, OR
8:59 min - Oct 25 - .MP4 - 268.14 MB


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Making you stupid is easy with long powerful legs like mine... you're dumb already, but once you see my gorgeous legs in sheer back-seamed pantyhose your brain will melt. Feel your brain cells burn away as you stroke, dummy. I'll make you my drooling addict, mindlessly jerking off for my perfect legs every day. Think of nothing but legs, legs all day and legs all night. I'll mindfuck you into accepting the simple fact... you're a loser for legs! Contains: femdom, female domination, humiliation, leg fetish, long legs, cock tease, long legs, up skirt, pantyhose fetish, pantyhose domination, mindfuck, powerful women, Alpha female, female supremacy, domination, Goddess Kyaa