Hot Bikini Goddess Findom Mindfuck

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American / Portland, OR
84 5.0
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Love your hot new bikini Kyaa! I've always enjoyed watching your outdoor videos. Found some of your nude videos on here! ^.~ going to have fun watching those.

It's a heat wave and that means bikini days... my tight body in a tiny bikini is your total fetish. Be thankful I took a few minutes to film a clip just to tease your loser dick. My gorgeous body glows in the strong summer sun and the bikini I'm wearing is so tiny my perky tits are nearly popping out! Once I've got you desperately horny I'll make you buy me a new bikini and make you pay before I let you stroke! Manipulating you is so simple. Contains: bikini fetish, femdom, female domination, humiliation, laughter, mean girls, cleavage, perky tits, ass worship, tight body, body worship, sunshine, outdoors, powerful women, Goddess Kyaa