The Sex Slave Trader - Dixie Comet



American / Florida
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BEST BUY SAVE $$$ - The Sex Slave Trader - Part 1 of 1 After a long day at work, the beautiful Dixie Comet stops at a gas station to grab a lottery ticket hoping she becomes the next BIG winner! What she doesn't know is this won’t be her lucky night! Dixie Comet has been selected and watched by the sex slave trader, and now is the time to strike and take possession of their new little slace! Angel Rose sneaks into Dixie's cars while she is inside the gas station and lays in wait for her to return! As soon as Dixie's door slams shut, Angel makes her move! She chloroforms Dixie and slides her beautiful body into passenger seat and drives off into the night... .A short while later Dixie appears sedated on a stainless steel surgical table with her legs secured in full leg stirrups and the rest of her body restrained as well. The doctor and nurse snap on gloves as they prepare to examine this beautiful hot body for the sex slave trader, before she is taken to market. Before they can start the exam Dixie starts coming too so they inject her with a little something to help her relax. The doctor performs a breast exam as the nurse positions the table for easier access to Dixie's body. After palpitating her belly the doctor checks her clit and labia’s before getting the exam lamp for a closer, better lit look. The doctor uses a medium graves speculum to get a look inside before the new product gets tested out. After the pelvic exam they inject her with an upper so they can test her sexual responses. They have to certify her sexual health as well before they can approve her for sale. The doctor and nurse stimulate Dixie and make her orgasm multiple times. After about fifteen minutes of stimulation and lots of orgasms they clear Dixie for sale...Any bidders? Starring: You (As The Sex Slave Trader) Doctor Tampa Dixie Comet The Real Nyxon Runtime: 25 Minutes 6 Seconds High Resolution 1280x720, high 3mbps rate made for full screen viewing