Bratty Unshowered Sweaty Thong and Butt

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317 5.0
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FrenchLickIndiana - Top reviewer Feb 14
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So many YES-es to aLL the drrrty (preTTy literaLLy dirty) things FF says in this video. I couLd re-write the things I wrote on her other, simiLar "gym buTT" smeLLing video, but I'm glad to own both. & I'll be buying MORE, too! With cute/ hairy/ flirty gorgeousness vids this good, & under $10, getting 2 isn't enough.

I tell you I haven't showered in three days, and make you smell test- then I tell you its a trick and make you sniff my sweaty unshowered smelly ass and thong and tell you how gross you are for it, amongst other things :) I go further in detail about how active I've been and eventually take the thong off and let you cum to my sweaty smelly pussy and ass
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