Peeing my panties

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4,304 4.7
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Redman56 Mar 22

More pee videos, your really cute.

meribald Feb 10
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Just as spectacularly awkward as you would expect a Scarlet pee video to be.

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Pretty good first pee video, would've liked to have seen more desperation and you trying to hold untill you literally burst, Ive rated 4 stars simply because the description states masturbating too, I didn't see much masturbating, I don't really mind but others might. I hope this doesn't stop you making pee videos and you take this as constructive criticism. If you want to ask any questions about the fetish message me on Twitter, @Jacobhaywood6. Thank you <3

Challenging myself to chug down 1.5 L of water and trying to hold all the pee back. Then giving up and peeing all over my panties