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Drew1788k deleted - Top reviewer Dec 2 2017
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If I came home and found you just laying on my bed I would rip those tight shorts off with my teeth

You're at home when your daughters fat friend decides to come over dressed in skimpy clothes. You're the only one home but I insist on staying and proceed to ask you what you think of my too tight clothes. My huge knockers practically falling from my slutty top, belly protruding from my too small short which are heavily riding up my big fat ass. You don't think it's appropriate but you can't bring yourself to tell me to leave once your cock starts growing hard. I tell you I have a confession to make, that I over heard you and your buddies talking about how much you adore fat woman who love to eat. I continue to tell you I've always had a crush on you and have been getting fat packing on all this weight to impress you. I tell you i know i'm a young but you can trust me as i giggle flirtatiously and show off my over weight body in my too tight clothes for you. I tease you with my fat tits letting them slip right out of my tiny top..I tell you I know you wants a fat wife who sits at home in front of the teli watching trash tv, eating up all your food, spending your money on snacks and lingerie and growing for you. I don't even care if your daughter finds out i'm ready to be her fat stepmom