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4,865 5.0
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kotora Nov 13 2017
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OMG yes the pantyhose/tights play was so good. Watching you rub your pussy through them was exquisite. Love to see more with tights. And those cute pink socks you paired with them, so good. The peeing added some really sexy kink to it as well. Great job!

Veesvixxxens Oct 28 2017
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Not my thing but KG make anything sexy as hell!!!

Love how See thru the pantyhose get once she sets them. Perfect view of that fat pussy.

Then the squirting! OMG it’s everywhere, multiple times!!! Oh, almost forgot to mention how she creams during the masturbation - AS ALWAYS!!!

Fun vid, and love the fact she’s not afraid to try new things in her vids. Keeps it fresh for us fans and you can tell she really loves what she does!!!


I have been exploring fetishes and really wanted to try this one for a while. About 8 min of pee masturbation, I didn't want to stick to just the act of peeing but wanted to involve more my first time. I relax and wet myself the first time, you can see it all drip down my grey pantyhose. Soon I am squirting out multiple time through out my masturbation session. I really had fun making a mess and I as you can tell by my cream enjoyed it all the time. A big wet and messy fun fetish adventure for me, I hope you enjoy! :3