Large Flint Thigh Fuck To Cumpletion

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American / Mordor
3,662 5.0
6:41 min - Oct 24 - .MP4 - 493.90 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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would it be possible for you to make a video similar to the "large flint thigh fuck to cumpletion" video? in the same position but have the toy further away from your pussy? to where its completely surrounded by your thighs.
i'd buy it :)

also, with a smaller toy

Veesvixxxens Oct 28 2017
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I wasn’t into watching girls with toys that much until watching KG! She just brings it to another level!!!

This would be a great b/g vid as well!

Love the teasing, just imagined it being my cock teased by those thick thighs! And the cum, OMG, cum everywhere!!! Like a gallon of it!!!

Akira265 Nov 17 2017
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I did not last very long watching this... I really wish I could have this done to me!

I was super excited to get my newly adopted Bad Dragon, the uncut, studded Flint, and had to show it some special love. With thick thighs like mines I decided to try something new. Start off with some licks and occasional sucking to get him nice and slippery for my thick thighs. After some oral loving I cradle Flint between my things stroking his thick shaft while squeezing him close to me during every stroke. I can feel all his ridges against my clit getting me excited to see him squirt out cum. Multiple shots drench my thighs leaving a puddle of cum on my lap. I end off with some riding to help finish me off, leaving my lower half of me covered in cum