The New Guinea Pig - Part 2 of 2



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BEST BUY SAVE $$$ - The New Guinea Pig - Part 2 of 2 Alexis Grace tries to fight Doctor Tampa and Nurse Morbia, but as the stimulation progresses, she begins to enjoy it more and more! She still begs for them to stop, but can't deny the way the doctor and nurse are making her feel! Her readings start to go off the charts as she orgasms and screams "NOOOOO" and as she tugs and pulls at her restraints! She can't hold still as the doctor and nurse use her own toys to make her cum again and again! After certifying that Alexis Grace's own device make her very stimulated, Doctor Tampa inform Alexis he will be stimulating her manually. Doctor Tampa puts a pair of gloves on Alexis's stomach as he caresses her inner thighs post orgasm. You can tell Alexis is VERY sensitive to the touch! Before he continues with the manual stimulation, he checks her readings and is very impressed with what he sees! Doctor Tampa also thinks Alexis is ready for electrical stimulation! He barks out instruments for the nurse to grab, and instructs her where to put the electrodes! Alexis starts to cry as she has no idea what all the wires are to be used for, but is nothing short of nervous! She begs herself to be dreaming, but to her continued horror, this is VERY REAL! The doctor tell her she is a brave soul for the scientific community, that without guinea pigs like her, they wouldn't have any fun! Doctor Tampa and Nurse Morbia get Alexis all wired up before continuing to stimulate her hot restrained body in various ways while she begs for them to stop, but secretly wants them to continue! The doctor and nurse switch between Alexis's legs and by her side, and use every possible combination of electric instrument, pad, and probes mixed with manual stimulation and vibration stimulation! How many times does Alexis orgasm in this video? I stopped counting at a dozen! The nurse plays with Alexis a little bit before unhooking the wires and leads. Doctor Tampa gives her a final wash and examination, before informing Alexis Grace that she is their new guinea pig, and that its time for her to rest for the next days experiments! They leave her bound on the exam table, electrodes and all, as they exit the exam room, and turn off the lights! Alexis Grace writhes back and forth in her restraints and screams and pleads, before the room goes dark for the night. We will see you tomorrow Alexis Grace! Rest tight, don't let the doctor bite! Starring: Doctor Tampa Amo Morbia Ashley Grace Runtime: 33 Minutes 45 Seconds High Resolution 1280x720, high 4mbps rate made for full screen viewing