Freebie Tuesday

Caught in Action



American / California
32:37 min - Oct 27 - .MP4 - 1.85 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Krissy Lynn is nervous about her new outfit, but Nathan is super into it. He wants a blowjob and she’s a little unsure, but he shows her some videos as an example. She agrees, and they make out a bit. He drops his shorts and his cock springs to attention. For a beginner, she’s pretty good with her mouth. Her stepsister watches from the doorway; and getting turned on, heads upstairs to watch over the railing. She’s caught, and comes downstairs to talk. Krissy’s step sister is very excited that conservative Krissy is finally sucking some dick. Savana thinks it’d be a great idea if they shared his cock, and Krissy agrees. She sucks his cock some more while Savana shows off for Nathan. Then they both work him over. Savana teaches her sister some techniques, then they all go down on each other. Krissy slowly slides herself on to that dick and rides it for a bit before Nathan slams up into her. Savana’s up next, and then sits on his face while they share the dick. They practice some deepthroating, then the girls stack themselves so Nathan can switch back and forth between pussies. He plows Krissy from behind then the girls suck his cock until he blows his load all over their tits