Freebie Tuesday

Facing Your Addiction



Mexican / USA
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This was a custom video here is the script I followed...As you know I'm addicted to your ass and I am so much more addicted to your great Latina ass in leggings. It's finally time to face my addiction and you are going to help me embrace my leggings addiction. If you can be sitting down in the beginning telling me how it's time to face my legging addiction and you will help me with that. If you can be wearing sexy heels and those baby blue leggings or any other leggings you may have. At first spread your legs and you feel each leg and you tell me how the material feels so good and you can understand my addiction and I need to have a feel of them as well. You then stand up and take off your leggings and you stretch them out and you tell me to take a feel of them. You then take them and smell the back which is my favorite part and you tell me how smelly and stinky they are from wearing them all day, you say, "don't you wanna take whiff of these stinky leggings?" Put the leggings back on and have your ass face the camera and you tell me to rub and massage your ass and this will deepen my addiction to your ass and your leggings. Tell me to take smell of your stinky smelly leggings. You tell me I will be coming over every day to rub your legging covered ass and smelling them. I am now owned by your ass and your leggings and I will do as I am told. You can add any dirty talk or whatever else you want to the clip. I know this will be a great video. Thank you my ass goddess, I am here to serve your ass