I crush fruits & vegetables with sandals



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Time for a feet massacre! My feet look so sweet and delicate, but don´t trust them, they are terrible, merciless and big enough to Cru.sh anything without putting so much effort. You will check now how they can convert some varied fruis and vegetables into flat pancakes just letting their weight fall on them. I won´t grind them, I won´t twist or mess them, but just step on them with my flat black sandals, soles and heels. To start with, after some slow walkovers in my cute sleeveless feminine dress, I will step on a pair of cherry tomatoes, one after another one. They won´t be tomatoes anymore in just a few secs. Don´t let my naughty smile lie to you: it hides my malevolent hobby, which is crus**** all kind of food. I love feeling how they burst under my shoes, they have nothing to do against my powerful feet. The "pop" sound and then the mess is what I really enjoy, will you join my messy salad? Apart from these cherry tomatoes, I will also Cru.sh two small tangerines, four pickle cucumbers, two mushrooms and some green peas. They all will look like porridge when my feet destroy them. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you prefer my feet as your perfect blender. HIGHLIGHTED: Just my weight on the food will be enough to grind them. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW