Eat my burps, smell them, worship them



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You paid for them, prick! You wanted to feel them straight in your face from my smelly mouth. So now, they are all for you, with all my heart. You will have to eat them, no one left. One after another one, no breathing, no stop. My belches today are specially strong and long, that is because I am fully motivated, I know you expect them and love them. So here they are, fresh like bread and monstruous like a big storm. I throw them from my deep throat and I open my mouth wide so as you can enjoy them. Breathe them in, smell my breathe, could you guess what I have just had for lunch? It is easy if you open your nostrils. I don´t want you to close your eyes, I want you to keep them open while I burp and burp like crazy. You will think a huge tornado will blow you up, but those are my powerful burps. You should thank me for them, idiot, as I don´t usually burp at anybody´s face, that is a big privilege for you, so make the most of them. Savour them, let them resound in your ears while I am laughing at you. However, wank your shitty dick only when I have gone. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: one Angie´s burp is such a special gift for you. HIGHLIGHTED: some long burps produced from my deepest throat. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW